The ebb and flow of travel offers and “deals” hit our news screens and newspapers on a regular basis – and it is sometimes a problem keeping up with them and seeing just how they fit in with your Incentive and Meeting plans…The short answer is that they probably do not if you do not have exact dates – if you do not have the names – and if you do not need to amend names or dates - if you need flexibility… we would always try and mix and match discount with full service airlines, when quite often a mix of the two would be useful – but as a rule do not bank on the cheaper option being any good operationally.

The new emerging EU countries – are worth a look at and generally the former Eastern Block too – whereas Budapest, Prague and the Baltic States have been available for some time think of Slovakia and Slovenia – both have former Imperial pasts – both reasonably new to the scene – Slovenia in particular boasts heritage, beaches and world class golf courses.

Talking of golf…staff networking, customer entertaining, just taking a day off… think of The Grove, North West of London, owned by the same brothers that own the Atheneum Hotel in London, with its championship course and Quinta da Marinha just outside Cascais on the Lisbon coast…Contact us for favourable rates for your own competition…

In terms of wining and dining, restaurants and hotels are all very well – but having your own castle or chateau has a bit more impact – this is not as difficult as you think. We have a number of ideas in and around Edinburgh and near Paris privately owned houses are a available for that special occasion… let us know and be prepared for some original ideas in terms of venue, theming and meal ideas.

Exclusivity – is something everybody looks for – if a private house is not of interest, some small and luxurious hotels may be also be of interest e.g. the 7 bedroomed Riad Kniza in Marrakech – a Riad is a typically arranged and furnished Morrocan house along the lines of the Parador in Spain and the Pousada in Portugal, although in this case privately owned - sumptuous meals, beautiful rooms and impeccable service ………

It is intended to give you an abbreviated list of new things every now and then…. That is if you have not already found something on our general Website. Please call us with a brief and see how we respond, you have nothing to lose.


Fiona Whitehead & Nick Wilson


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