Corporate Group Travel

Corporate Group TravelThere are many instances when you may wish to take advantage of group travel – over and above your Incentive and Conference requirement, you may wish to arrange staff trips, customer trips not linked to any other event or merely take advantage of special offers on an ad hoc basis – there are many offers during the course of a year that may well fit into your marketing budget and planning.

This category may include such items of special interest as – Wine Tasting, Bird Watching, Steam Train Travelling . . .

Through the medium of this web site we wish to keep you informed of the number of travel and related activities – we are more than happy for you to compare our service and pricing levels – you have nothing to lose in asking.

Please note that through associated companies we are able to offer a complete range of complementary merchandise – from conference kits and pens to T shirts and Beach Towels…company diaries to golf balls, conference equipment to personally labelled wine. Please enquire for details.


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